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Dr Teagan Westendorf

Dr Teagan Westendorf is an analyst in the Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement program, and the Northern Australia Strategic Policy Centre at ASPI.

Teagan has research interests in the law, ethics and national security implications of digital technologies; strategic policing and transnational organised crime; and radicalisation and violent extremism.

Prior to joining ASPI, Teagan worked in a range of research and policy roles in the consulting and NFP sectors. She provided advice to government and aid and development agencies on human service delivery and security in areas of health, education, economics and social policy. Before that, she spent 7 years working in academic research and teaching in the School of Social and Political Sciences at Melbourne University.

Teagan holds a PhD in Law from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science from Melbourne University. She has been a visiting research fellow at the University of London (Birkbeck Law) and ANU (Law), and an Australia Awards Endeavour Leadership Scholar. She has presented her academic research at conferences at Melbourne Law School, Kent Law School, and ANU College of Asia & Pacific.

Updated: 02 Aug 2021