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Key Purposes

The key purposes of the ASPI Washington DC Office:

  • Provide a distinctive Australian voice in the US strategic policy debate.
  • Lift the profile of strategic regions and issues of vital interest to Australia but currently under-done in the Washington think tank community. This includes Southeast Asia, the Pacific Island Countries, and the Indian Ocean region.
  • Ensure where vital policy debates are taking place that Australian perspectives help shape these discussions. Current areas include supply chain security, the security of critical materials and the strategic impact of emerging technology.
  • Develop an Australian voice around key emerging and evolving areas of international competition: space, cyber, undersea warfare, the quantum realm, chemical, biological and nuclear developments.
  • Become the go-to place in Washington for think tank perspectives on Australian defence and security policy Previous attempts to establish Australian studies centres at American universities have not been very successful. We see the major focus of ASPI Washington DC should be on our wider region and on driving strategic issues rather than on Australian domestic matters.
  • Ensure Australian interests are built in to emerging US policy thinking and initiatives, instead of having Australian interests reverse engineered into more mature US plans.
  • Ensure that the latest US strategic policy thinking informs Australian policy debates.
  • Act as a conduit for bipartisan Australian political engagement in the Washington think tank world.
  • Strengthen the development of the next generation of Australian strategic policy thinkers and their connections with the US policy and think tank establishment.


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Updated: 21 Sep 2021