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Human Rights China event - 20220815

Human rights in China: Women, minorities and technology

By Justin Bassi, Daria Impiombato, Albert Zhang, Yaqiu Wang, Mei Fong

On Monday 15 August, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in collaboration with Human Rights Watch (HRW) held an event on human rights in China, focused on women, minorities and technology.

The event began with a keynote address by HRW’s senior China researcher Yaqiu Wang on Beijing’s efforts to undermine human rights abroad, including through the Belt and Road Initiative and its vast propaganda, censorship and surveillance apparatus.

Following her presentation, Yaqiu was joined by Human Rights Watch’s Chief Communications Officer, Mei Fong, and ASPI's Daria Impiombato and Albert Zhang on an expert panel to discuss China’s one-child policy and population demographics, including effects on society, gender imbalance, and the economy.

The panel also discussed China’s expanding surveillance globally and its role in perpetuating disinformation and misinformation. This event was moderated by ASPI’s Executive Director Justin Bassi.