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ASPI Webinar: Reforming Australia's electronic surveillance laws

By Fergus Hanson

Australia’s national security laws are undergoing one of the most significant reforms in over four decades.

Frequent amendments have struggled to keep pace with the rapid evolution of communications and technology, and the evolving criminal and national security threats.

As part of the response, the Australian Government committed to repeal and replace existing laws that govern electronic surveillance with one consolidated Act.

In this webinar, Fergus Hanson speaks to;

  • Michael Pezzullo AO, Secretary, Department of Home Affairs
  • Ian McCartney APM, Deputy Commissioner Investigations, Australian Federal Police
  • Katherine Jones PSM, Secretary, Attorney-General’s Department
  • Rachael Falk, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre and
  • Tom Daemen, Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Australia