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ASPI Presents: UN Cyber Negotiations - What they mean for Australian diplomacy

By Bart Hogeveen

This webinar discusses the UN Cyber negotiation and Australia’s role in and approach to the negotiations. Australia has government representatives in two UN working groups negotiating the details of what has come to be known as the ‘UN framework for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace’. One of Australia’s key negotiation positions is to focus international efforts on operationalising and implementing agreements that have already been made. Responsibility for, and ownership of, national implementation rests with multiple Commonwealth departments, State and Territory governments, critical infrastructure providers and the Australian internet community.

In this webinar, ASPI’s Bart Hogeveen is in conversation with Johanna Weaver, Special Adviser to Australia's Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, about how states can be restrained from conducting, condoning, and sponsoring cyber operations that destabilise international peace and security, and what states can do to encourage a safe, secure and resilient internet ecosystem at home.