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The day-to-day focus of most of a government’s time in office is on matters seemingly unrelated to terrorism and counterterrorism.

Social policy, the economy, employment, industry and defence are among the things that will most regularly come to the government’s attention and absorb its time. But when terrorist attacks occur, the government’s attention will be focused on nothing else...

Three-quarters of post-9/11 attacks and disrupted plots in Australia have occurred since September 2014, when Australia’s terror alert level was first raised to PROBABLE (a terror attack is likely). Australia has experienced four attacks and 17 disrupted plots to date (Apr '17).

100 Australians are known to be fighting in terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, while another 70 have been killed and 40 have returned to Australia. Around 200 have been prevented from leaving Australia through passport cancellation or suspension.

Agencies are currently investigating around 400 terrorism cases.

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