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Border Security

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Border Security

Today, the border is much more than geographic coordinates that define where sovereign power begins and ends.

The 21st Century border is elastic, virtual and socially and psychologically constructed. For policy makers it’s a complex construct comprised of a combination of connections, conditions and control measures. Unsurprisingly then border security is a thorny, multifaceted policy challenge.

The provision of border security involves far more than creating a capability focused solely on keeping our borders secure from potential terrorists, irregular migrants and illicit contraband. It’s also critical to a nation’s policies for enhancing trade, travel and migration.

Border security policy deals with a unique operating space, in which extraordinary measures (extraordinary in character, amount, extent or degree) are often needed to provide a sense of security at the same time as creating the sense of normalcy that will allow economic interactions to flourish.

ASPI established its Border Security Program in February 2015. The program has been developed to lift the level of Australian and regional dialogue on border security and create a space for the development of high-quality public policy on border security related issues. You will find most of ASPI’s border security contributions on this page.

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