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Special Report Issue 12 - Australia and the South Pacific: Rising to the challenge

By Anthony Bergin, Graeme Dobell, Stewart Firth, Satish Chand, Andrew Goldsmith, Bob Lowry, Bob Breen, Sam Bateman and Richard Herr

The island states of the South Pacific face severe challenges to the security needs of their peoples.  At the same time they also have advantages that can be leveraged with the right policies. Australia's vital interests are involved in the South Pacific: the stability of the region is an important factor in our own security, and this translates into on-going defence, security, economic, aid, environmental and humanitarian activities.

This report offers a range of suggestions that should be considered in the development of Australia's regional strategy. Authors are: Stewart Firth, Satish Chand, Andrew Goldsmith and Bob Lowry, Bob Breen, Sam Bateman and Anthony Bergin, Graeme Dobell and Richard Herr.

The publication was launched at Parliament House by The Hon Duncan Kerr SC MP.