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Special Report - The emerging agenda for cybersecurity

By Peter Jennings and Tobias Feakin

Cybersecurity is rapidly emerging as a high-priority policy challenge for the Australian Government. This rise reflects growing international concern about the impact of malicious cyberactivity. Notwithstanding recent government policy announcements, this paper, authored by Peter Jennings and Tobias Feakin, argues that significantly more needs to be done to ensure that Australia has the right policies in place to manage cybersecurity risk.

The paper discusses the organisational problems that have slowed Australia’s work to develop a simple but effective cyber policy, and contrasts our experience with steps taken by our closest allies, the US and UK. It recommends things the government should do to develop a clear policy framework. Much of this work will need to be done quickly after the 2013 federal election so that Australia can play an influential role in shaping a global approach to cybersecurity.