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Quad 2.0 - New perspectives

By Huong Le Thu

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue — an informal dialogue between four of the world’s major democracies: the US, Japan, Australia and India – since its revival in late 2017 has generated a wave of debate, concern and anticipation across the world. Since then, three meetings of officials (not even ministers) from the four governments have been held, without producing binding official joint statements. Yet, Quad 2.0 has become one of the most debated and contested ideas in current geopolitics. Why?

To objectively answer that question, this collection of articles from ASPI’s The Strategist comprises a diversity of perspectives on the relationship between the Quad and a range of countries’ national and regional interests. The contributors shed more light on the prospects for the development of Quad cooperation and explain how the individual nations involved in the Quad, as well as regional actors that are concerned about it, will respond to the challenges and opportunities ahead. This Strategic Insight is a collection of some the most relevant analyses since the Quad’s revival.