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Indo-Pacific Island States: Vulnerabilities in the Age of Covid

By David Brewster, Prof Richard Herr OAM and Aakriti Bachhawat

Indo-Pacific Island States: Vulnerabilities in the Age of Covid is an ASPI research project being undertaken with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Australia.

The findings and views expressed as part of reports and articles in this project are solely those of the authors and do not represent the views or official positions of the Japanese government.

It focuses on key vulnerabilities of island states in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, including health and other vulnerabilities. The project examines risks to state sovereignty from the management of these vulnerabilities; how Australia, Japan and like-minded states can work with islands states to mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks, and how island states might build resilience with partners.

The project is led by David Brewster, together with Richard Herr and Aakriti Bachhawat.


#1: Covid-19 and the rise of digital first responders in the South Pacific

When disaster strikes in small island nations, social media provides desperately needed information. But mixed in with the potentially life-saving official advice often come rumour and misinformation. In the first article in The Strategist’s ‘Island states in the Covid era’ series, Fiji-based communications specialists Roneel Lal and Sunayna Nandini examine how governments and non-government organisations can sift facts from myths to ensure that people receive the information they need to remain healthy in a crisis.

09 September 2020