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CT Yearbook 2020 banner

Counterterrorism Yearbook 2020

By Isaac Kfir and John Coyne

This year’s Counterterrorism Yearbook draws upon 19 contributing authors, each a renowned thought leader in their field, to promote practical counterterrorism solutions by reviewing a global range of terrorism developments and counterterrorism responses.

ASIO’s Director General, Mike Burgess commends the publication for its ‘valuable contribution to the public discourse on counterterrorism’.

While maintaining its geographic focus, the Yearbook now includes thematic chapters on mental health, strategic policing, the media, the terror–crime nexus and terrorist innovation.

These new thematic chapters have been included to encourage governments to consider more proactive CT agendas that move beyond the current focus on disrupting plots and discouraging people from joining and supporting terrorist groups. The focus here has been on promoting new thinking on how to deal with emergent areas of concern, such as comorbidity of mental health, use of gaming platforms, and artificial intelligence.


We've recorded a special episode of the ASPI Podcast to mark the publication of the yearbook, featuring remarks from Peter Jennings, John Coyne, Brendan Nicholson, Peta Lowe and Elise Thomas. If you are a subsciber to Policy, Guns & Money, this special episode will appear in your podcast app - otherwise, you can listen to it here.