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Old mainframe tape drives. By Don DeBold (Flickr: Colorful Tape Drives) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Big data in national security

By Michael Chi

ASPI is releasing two research publications on the uses and limitations of big data in national security.

The first report, ‘Big Data in national security’, provides a high-level analysis of how big data capabilities can be used and managed by Australia’s national security community.

The second product, ‘Big Data in National Security - Online Resource’, is a background paper which provides policy makers and the public with a detailed analysis of the key concepts, trends, and challenges of big data in national security.

Big data requires big governance...

Hear Dr John Coyne discussing the report with author Michael Chi;

Watch the publication launch...

The research was conducted with the support and sponsorship of DXC Technology, formerly CSC Australia.