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The Australia–US Cyber Security Dialogue

By Liam Nevill, Zoe Hawkins and Tobias Feakin

The inaugural Australia–US Cyber Security Dialogue held in Washington DC in September 2016 examined cybersecurity issues and how best to manage them in a cooperative manner.

The dialogue was facilitated by ASPI and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The robust bilateral and cross-sectoral discussion sessions traversed issues of cooperation in the Asia–Pacific, combating cybercrime and advancing the digital economy. The dialogue identified focus areas and a corresponding ASPI–CSIS joint work plan designed to further advance bilateral collaboration in this critical policy area.

The three initiatives, outlined in the final section of this report, will sustain the momentum of Australia–US cyber cooperation, laying the groundwork for the agenda and driving discussion at the 2017 dialogue.