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King-hit: preparing for Australia's disaster future

Thursday, 16 June 2011

By: Anthony Bergin

This paper makes recommendations as to how Australia can be better prepared for and recover from future natural disasters. Suggestions include: measuring and reporting on community resilience;  providing disaster funds on the condition that new structures are made to be more resilient than the structures they replace; asking the  Productivity Commission to investigate if the Commonwealth has got value from the billions spent on disaster response and recovery; declaring an annual national disaster prevention day; developing national hazard mapping and  a national sea level rise policy statement; introducing  durability ratings for buildings; providing information to individual insurance policy holders on the risks associated with their property; developing a national policy on retreating from hazardous areas to reduce people’s exposure to severe risks; and starting a national communications campaign to encourage individual and community preparedness.
11_22_32_AM_Policy_Analysis83_King_hit_disaster_future.pdf - PDF (224.0 KB)