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Australian Defence Almanac 2011-2012

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

By: Raspal Khosa

The Almanac, authored by Raspal Khosa, is a unique publication that brings together a wealth of information across the full-range of Defence activity in a single, easy-to-use reference source. It is an up-to-date, fact-filled resource that places otherwise difficult to find Defence information at the reader’s fingertips and presents it in a transparent, highly readable form.

Chapters cover:

Defence and strategy looking at the constitutional and legislative basis for Defence, the military justice system, Australian strategic policy and Australia's place in the world.
Australian Defence Force which covers ADF command arrangements, order of battle, equipment, small arms and light weapons, ordnance, platform activity levels, comparative military strength, Defence facilities, establishments and bases.
Department of Defence which looks at the organisation, Defence outcomes and programs and the Strategic Reform Program.
People which covers personnel issues such as personnel numbers, ranks, recruiting activity, enlistments, Reserve, separations and salaries.
Money provides Defence funding, comparative regional defence spending, comparative Commonwealth spending, top 30 Defence projects and top 30 Defence contractors.
Australia and the World considers significant treaties, conventions and agreements, Australian membership of intergovernmental bodies and international organisations, ADF overseas deployments and international engagement.
Counter-terrorism covers counter-terrorism arrangements, governance structures for counter-terrorism, national terrorist situation, budget appropriations for agencies, agencies' CT roles, terrorist organisations in Australia and regional terrorist incidents.

NOTE: This publication is not available in a printed format.

ASPI has also produced Policy Analysis pieces reviewing ADF capability, authored by Andrew Davies. These are available separately here: Army capability review 2010; RAAF capability review 2010; Navy capability review 2010; The networked ADF - C4ISR capability summary 2010. Another useful resource by Mark Thomson is The Cost of Defence: ASPI's Defence Budget Brief 2011-2012.


12_53_35_PM_ASPI_defence_almanac_2011_12.pdf - PDF (3.3 MB)