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ASPI experts lead research and analysis on a broad range of strategic topics which are structured as two Programs, the Defence, Strategy & Capability Program and the National Security Program

Defence, Strategy and Capability Program

Defence and Strategy Program

The Defence and Strategy Program focuses on broad strategic policy settings, global and regional security environments, the operational needs of the Australian Defence Force, the development of our defence capabilities, and issues associated with defence funding and budgets.

International Program

ASPI’s international program explores some of the challenges to maintaining international peace and security, both as they relate to Australia’s direct engagement as well as contributing to broader international research efforts on multilateral security issues.

The Strategist

The Strategist is the ASPI commentary and analysis site. The Strategist aims to provide fresh ideas on Australia’s critical defence and strategic policy choices as well as encourage and facilitate discussion and debate among the strategy community and Australian public.


National Security Program

The National Security Program Strategic Plan for 2016-18 is available here.

International Cyber Policy Centre

The International Cyber Policy Centre (ICPC) focuses on the growing importance of cyber-related issues for broader strategic policy.


Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement Program

The Strategic Policing & Law Enforcement Program examines the contribution of law enforcement to national security and to broader strategic policy.


Border Security Program

ASPI's Border Security Program research focuses on issues relevant to managing the border continuum to help to support and facilitate legitimate trade and travel; and protect the Australian community from a range of border risks.


Counter-terrorism Policy Centre

ASPI’s Counter-terrorism Policy Centre (CTPC) aims to explain the counter-terrorism environment, including policy, legislation, terrorist threat, cross-jurisdiction and international issues and provide counter-terrorism policy advice, alternatives and contestability.


Risk and Resilience Program

The scope of the Resilience Program includes consideration of resilience (in respect to disasters) as a concept and practice in communities, local government settings, regions as well as at state and federal levels.