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Stop the World: an ASPI podcast

Everything seems to be accelerating: geopolitics, technology, security threats, the dispersal of information. At times, it feels like a blur. 

But beneath the dizzying proliferation of events, discoveries, rivalries and unravellings, there are deeper trends that can be grasped and understood through conversation and debate.

That’s the idea behind Stop the World, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s podcast on international affairs and security, launched in April 2024. Each week, we cast a freeze-frame around the blur of events and bring some clarity and insight on defence, technology, cyber, geopolitics and foreign policy.

We bring you the best minds and voices—Australian and international guests as well as our own experts—to talk about everything from rising authoritarianism to climate change, from armed conflict to disinformation. We talk about problems and solutions, how to maintain our liberal democratic values in an era of conflict and consider the big picture without missing the detail.

Our conversations aren’t just for policy wonks but for anyone interested in defence, international affairs and security. You can listen to new episodes each week on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Other ASPI podcasts

Prior to Stop the World, ASPI produced a weekly podcast on geopolitics and security Policy, Guns and Money. With over 200 episodes, and interviews with guests from across the globe, Policy, Guns and Money featured conversations on strategic trends in the Indo-Pacific, defence capabilities and budgets, mis- and disinformation, cyber and technology policy, climate, counterterrorism and extremism, peacekeeping and the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

The podcast featured conversations on the sidelines of ASPI’s major events such as the annual ASPI Defence Conference and the Sydney Dialogue (TSD), with some of the world’s leading experts on topics including deterrence, defence strategy, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, information operations and regional security. Listen to episodes of Policy, Guns and Money here.