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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: The year in Space – 2020 – an Australian perspective

By Malcolm Davis

For Australia as a new space power, 2020 has been a year of sustained and steady progress in a number of key areas. Perhaps the most important step forward for the Australian space community has been the maturation of thinking and policy on the role of space in national defence. The release in July of the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and its accompanying Force Structure Plan clearly signaled that government now sees space as a key operational domain in its own right, which demands greater attention and investment –  at least $7bn AUD over the course of the decade. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of Australia developing ‘sovereign-controlled’ space capability for satellite communications, as well as geospatial intelligence, and it highlights the importance of assuring space control, including assured access to space, in a contested space domain.

This has some major implications going forward, not only for the way Australia’s defence force thinks about the role of the space domain, but more broadly, the potential to shape Australia’s commercial space sector in a manner that allows it to better contribute to future defence space capability. Ensuring the rapid growth of that sector is the priority of the Australian Space Agency and ensuring continued and widening engagement between the civil and commercial aspects of Australian space activities with Defence’s emerging space capability requirements is a vital step going forward.

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Originally published by: SpaceWatch Global on 14 Dec 2020