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Mixing Desk JUN2021

Understanding China, tech diplomacy, climate security in the Middle East

Fergus Ryan speaks to China expert Joanna Chiu about her new book ‘China Unbound: A new world disorder’. They discuss the changing attitudes towards China in Western countries and the importance of developing China expertise.

Critical and emerging technologies are quickly becoming a key focus area of geopolitical competition. Karly Winkler speaks to Bonnie Glick about the newly established Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue and the links between technology advances and national interests.

Anastasia Kapetas speaks to Gidon Bromberg about climate and security in the Middle East. They discuss the ‘green blue deal’ concept and climate progress in the region.

Guests (in order of appearance):

Fergus Ryan:

Joanna Chiu:

Karly Winkler:

The Hon. Bonnie Glick:

Anastasia Kapetas:

Gidon Bromberg: @gidonb (Twitter)