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Sydney image: Wikimedia.

'The Sydney Dialogue' - ASPI's new global technology initiative

We are pleased to announce that ASPI will host The Sydney Dialogue - which we aim to make the world’s premier policy summit for emerging, critical and cyber technologies - in the second half of 2021.

Today, the Foreign Minister Senator the Hon. Marise Payne announced that the Australian Government will support, and partially fund, The Sydney Dialogue

The Sydney Dialogue fills a critical gap globally in public discourse and policy making. ASPI will aim to bring together the world’s political leaders, heads of government, business and civil society leaders to focus on technology including artificial intelligence, quantum, biotechnology, space and the future of cyberspace.

Emerging, critical and cyber technologies have a material impact on our lives and work. They reshape our societies, economies and the future of our planet. There is a pressing need to join-up the conversations taking place within government, multilateral institutions, business and civil society to enable more informed and deliberate decision making.

ASPI has undertaken policy-relevant research on issues relating to cyberspace and technology for eight years. This work is agenda-setting, and pushes new, often unexplored areas. The Sydney Dialogue will adopt this characteristic and drive global policy debates on technology. Maria MacNamara, the former CEO of, joins ASPI this month as a Senior Fellow to help us create and deliver the inaugural Sydney Dialogue in 2021.

This new initiative will take a natural focus on the Indo-Pacific, while highlighting developments from across the world. We look forward to working with governments, business and civil society to make The Sydney Dialogue the home of global strategic and policy debates. A place where the world can anticipate and respond to the complicated challenges and immense opportunities presented by the increasingly complex advances in technology.

For more information about The Sydney Dialogue visit ASPI’s Strategist site.