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Mixing Desk v2

Reflections on "After Covid-19 - Volume 2"

In this weeks episode of Policy, Guns and Money, we speak with some of the authors of ASPI's 'After Covid vol 2' publication. Included are discussions on Soft power, the EU’s approach to China and Australia’s relations with Southeast Asia. 

Lisa Sharland and Professor Caitlin Byrne, Director of the Griffith Asia Institute discuss how soft power is being used by the US and China, and opportunities for middle and small powers to utilise soft power in multilateral settings. 

Bart Hogeveen speaks to research interns Alexandra Pascoe and Daria Impiombato about the EU’s approach to China and where the opportunities lie for greater cooperation between Australia and the EU on approaches towards China.

Emily French speaks to Dr Huong Le Thu about the impacts of Covid-19 in Southeast Asia and regional unity, and whether the region will align more closely with Australia as a result of the pandemic.