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A QAnon primer, protests in Russia and a geopolitical wrap

In this episode of Policy, Guns & Money, Dr Jacob Wallis speaks with Ariel Bogle about QAnon. They discuss the conspiracy theory’s origins, its translation from an online phenomenon into violence and the ensuing ‘real world’ consequences that encompass everything from the US Capitol riots to Australian policy responses.

Anastasia Kapetas, National Security Editor for The Strategist, speaks with Russia expert Visiting Fellow at ANU Kyle Wilson, about the unfolding situation in Russia, including the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the widespread protests across the country. They discuss the similarities between China and Russia’s media censorship, Putin’s strategy when it comes to Navalny, how resilient this protest movement will be and whether it poses a real threat to Putin’s power.

Finally, Peter Jennings and Michael Shoebridge talk about some of the big developments while the podcast has been on hiatus - riots at the US Capitol, Biden’s inauguration, a military coup in Myanmar, the persistent challenge of Covid-19 and growing tensions around Taiwan – and what they will be watching closely in the year ahead.