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Policy, Guns and Money: International Women's Day Special

By Renee Jones

Recently, ASPI hosted a delegation of prominent women from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has gone through a period of significant change and the current dialogues for peace provide an opportunity to discuss the role of women in security, policy and society. The visit of this group not only served as an opportunity to discuss Australia-Afghanistan bilateral relations but to also look at the achievements and challenges faced by Afghani women and address issues of women’s empowerment globally including the role of women as agents for change.

During the visit, ASPI’s roving reporter Brendan Nicholson spoke with Hadeia AMIRY, Special Advisor to the National Security Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Freshta KARIM, Director of Charmaghz – a local Afghan NGO promoting critical thinking among Afghan children and Ms Nargis AZARYUN – civil society activist.