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Mixing Desk JUN2021

PGM: Ukraine, the Quad and an Australian maritime strategy

In this special three-part episode:

David Wroe speaks to economist, lawyer and author, Misha Zelinsky, about his new novel ‘The Sun Will Rise’, which is inspired by his experience covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the Australian Financial Review. They discuss the overarching theme of the book and its characters, as well as the message Misha hopes people will take away from the book. They also discuss the latest developments in the war, the risk of war fatigue, and why democracies must continue to provide support to Ukraine.

Next, Alex Bristow speaks to Dr Arzan Tarapore, South Asia research scholar at Stanford University’s Asia-Pacific Research Center and Senior Fellow at ASPI. They discuss the upcoming Quad Summit in India in 2024, the topics likely to be discussed, and how the diplomatic partnership has evolved over time. They also explore how the Quad complements existing minilateral partnerships, and whether the group should have a bigger focus on security.

Finally, David Wroe speaks to Jennifer Parker, the Director of Defence Policy at the Australian National University's National Security College, and Dr Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst in Defence Strategy and Capability at ASPI. They discuss Jennifer’s recent ASPI report ‘An Australian Maritime Strategy: Resourcing the Royal Australian Navy’ which calls for an urgent expansion of the Royal Australian Navy fleet to adequately protect Australia’s vast maritime interests.

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David Wroe
Misha Zelinsky
Alex Bristow
Dr Arzan Tarapore
Jennifer Parker
Dr Malcolm Davis

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