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Mixing Desk JUN2021

PGM: Space security with Lt Gen Nina Armagno & Lt Gen John Shaw

This week at ASPI has been all about space security. We were delighted to be joined by Lieutenant General Nina Armagno, Director of Staff, Headquarters at U.S. Space Force, and Lieutenant General John Shaw, Deputy Commander at U.S. Space Command for a series of space-focused events. To continue the conversation, ASPI’s Bec Shrimpton asks General Armagno and General Shaw about opportunities and competition in space, the difference between U.S. Space Command and the U.S. Space Force, and how Australia and the United States can work together to make sure space is secure and sustainable for all.

Guests (in order of appearance):
Bec Shrimpton:
Lt Gen Nina Armagno:…nina-m-armagno/
Lt Gen John Shaw:…gen-john-e-shaw/

Background music: Phychic by Ketsa, licensed with permission from the Independent Music Licensing Collective -