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Mixing Desk JUN2021

PGM: Myanmar’s junta under pressure; geopolitics in the Pacific

This week, David Wroe hosts a discussion on the latest from Myanmar, where the military regime that seized power in 2021 has recently enforced conscription amid plummeting military morale and steady pressure from armed resistance groups. ASPI’s Nathan Ruser and the Wilson Center’s Lucas Myers talk about how a range of opposition groups are making military gains, and where the civil conflict is likely to go in the coming months.

ASPI senior analysts Blake Johnson and Euan Graham join David Wroe to discuss geopolitics in the Pacific and what to expect in 2024. They dissect the significance of Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape’s recent visit to Canberra, Tuvalu’s election and Nauru’s switch of diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China.


David Wroe
Nathan Ruser
Lucas Myers
Euan Graham
Blake Johnson