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Mixing Desk JUN2021

PGM: Beijing’s propaganda, climate and Australia’s national security, federal budget & Defence spending

In 2022, then U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, despite threats of retaliation from Beijing over the visit. Dr Samantha Hoffman speaks to Nadège Rolland about Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, Beijing’s propaganda, and its effectiveness.

While climate change is primarily viewed as an environmental challenge, Australia, like many other countries, is increasingly focused on the implications of climate change for Australia’s national security. Dr Robert Glasser speaks to Dr Tobias Ide about climate and Australia’s national security and how climate hazards can lead to conflict.

This week was budget week in Canberra, and to break down the Defence budget, Bec Shrimpton speaks to David Uren. They discuss defence projects and the usefulness, or otherwise, of measuring defence spending by GDP.

Guests (in order of appearance):
Dr Samantha Hoffman:
Nadège Rolland:
Dr Robert Glasser:
Dr Tobias Ide:
Bec Shrimpton:
David Uren:

Metnioned in this episode:
Climate change and Australia’s national security:…18.2023.2170978

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