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PGM 107: COP26 and Australia's climate commitments, record heroin seizure, Facebook blackout

This Sunday 31st October, the COP26 Summit kicks off in Glasgow, where it’s expected that leaders will bring bigger commitments to 2030 emissions reduction targets and outline bolder climate policies. Dr Robert Glasser and Anastasia Kapetas discuss Australia’s climate commitments going into COP, and whether they are sufficient to address climate impacts in Australia and our region. They also discuss the recent U.S. 'Department of Defense Climate Risk Analysis'.

Recently, Australian authorities seized a record 450kg heroin shipment, the largest heroin shipment ever detected in Australia. Dr John Coyne and Dr Teagan Westendorf discuss the significance of this seizure and consider whether a seizure of this size means less product is available or leads to less consumption.

Earlier this month, a global outage left users unable to access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger for 6 to 7 hours. Karly Winkler and Jocelinn Kang discuss the causes and impacts of the outage, and the potential for such outages to impact critical infrastructure.

Mentioned in this episode:
Department of Defense Climate Risk Analysis:

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