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Hypersonic weapons, enabling technology innovation, US domestic politics & foreign policy

Dr Marcus Hellyer speaks to Senior ASPI Fellow Dr Andrew Davies about his recent report ‘Coming ready or not: Hypersonic weapons’. They discuss what a hypersonic weapon is, whether there are ways to defend against this type of weapon and who is developing this capability.

Dr Teagan Westendorf speaks to Professor Lisa Short, Design Thinker & Digital Technologist, Founder of P&L Digital Edge and Group Chair of the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research. They discuss how Australia can enable big tech innovation, the challenges of funding innovation and why it’s important decision-makers have an understanding of STEM and the potential of innovation.

Anastasia Kapetas speaks to Hayley Channer, Senior Policy Fellow with the Perth USAsia Centre, about the relationship between US domestic politics and foreign policy, Biden’s response to Covid-19 and how the Biden Administration can rebuild trust with its allies in the Indo-Pacific.