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How to stay cyber-secure when working from home during Covid-19.

By Louisa Bochner

As Australian organisations plan to slowly return to the office in the coming weeks and months, cyber security, and cyber safety, becomes even more important.

ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre asked experts for some tips on how to stay secure and safe when working from home, and as we transition back to the office, full-time or part-time.

They discuss the importance of patching your device & updating your firmware; two-factor authentication; being wary of suspicious emails, links and attachments; e-safety when at home with your kids; and treating cyber security at home just as you would in the office.

Hear from:

  • Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts
  • Tim Watts MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security
  • Sean Duca, Palo Alto
  • Christian Frain, Splunk
  • Matt Carling, Cisco
  • Julie Inman-Grant, Australia’s e-Safety Commissioner
  • Vicky Xu, ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre
  • Glenn Maiden, Fortinet
  • Damien Manuel and Megan Spielvogel, AISA
  • Mark Anderson, Microsoft
  • Michelle Bedson, Jacobs
  • Rachael Falk, Cyber Security CRC

Video edited by Henry Stentiford