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Hong Kong security law, Defence Strategic Update and China’s ‘wolf warriors’ on Twitter

In this episode of Policy, Guns and MoneyLouisa Bochner speaks to Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, China reporter at Axios, about the Hong Kong security law, Article 38 and the application of the law and what this latest move from Beijing means for its relations with the US, Australia and other democracies.

Next, two of ASPI’s grumpy strategists Marcus Hellyer and Malcolm Davis chat about the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, including what’s new in the update, what it means for the Department of Defence budget and where it falls short. 

And finally, Tom Uren and Fergus Ryan from ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre discuss the role of China’s ‘wolf warrior’ diplomats on Twitter and their attempt to shape global discourse, and the desire among Chinese citizens to jump the Great Firewall and access the banned platform.   

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