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Mixing Desk JUN2021

Future of the internet, US-ASEAN summit, Taliban’s opium ban

In April this year, a coalition of over 60 countries released ‘A Declaration for the Future of the Internet’, a joint partnership that aims to actively support the internet as an open, free, global digital ecosystem. Karly Winkler, Jocelinn Kang and Bart Hogeveen discuss what the declaration means for human rights, sustainable development and the democratic systems of countries.

On 12th and 13th May, ASEAN Leaders will meet U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington DC for a special summit. Ahead of the summit, Dr David Engel speaks to Dr Huong Le Thu about the latest news from ASEAN, including Indonesia’s decision to keep Russia on the G20 invitation list and political stability in Southeast Asia.

Recently, the Taliban announced a ban on the cultivation of opium poppy in Afghanistan. Dr Teagan Westendorf and Dr John Coyne discuss the political, cultural and economic ramifications of the new ban and how its impact will be felt locally and internationally.

Guests (in order of appearance):
Karly Winkler:
Jocelinn Kang:
Bart Hogeveen:
Dr David Engel:
Dr Huong Le Thu:
Dr Teagan Westendorf:
Dr John Coyne: