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The future of Afghanistan, UN climate report

Since the withdrawal of US and allied troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban's military offensive across the country has seen the group capture a number of provincial capitals over the past week, including Afghanistan's third largest city, Herat. Anastasia Kapetas speaks to counterinsurgency expert Dr David Kilcullen about the future of governance in Afghanistan. They also discuss the geopolitics of the region, including China and Pakistan’s interests, and how the United States could respond as the Taliban continues to advance toward the capital.

Earlier this week, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its Sixth Assessment Report. The report found that the world is likely to hit 1.5 degrees of warming by 2030 if we continue on our current trajectory. Dr Robert Glasser speaks to one of the report’s contributing authors Professor Mark Howden about the report’s findings, climate risks for Australia and the policy responses required to address this global challenge.

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