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Mixing Desk JUN2021

Foreign interference in Australia, the Federal Budget and northern Australia

Recently, Peter Jennings spoke to Victorian Senator James Paterson, who Chairs the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security. They discuss the Committee's recent inquiry into national security risks affecting Australia's higher education and research sectors, the Senator's role as Chair, and Australia's foreign interference laws.

Dr John Coyne and Gill Savage from ASPI’s Northern Australia Strategic Policy Centre sat down to discuss what the latest Budget holds for Northern Australia. They discuss the disconnect between decisions made in southern Australia for initiatives in the north, the limitations of siloed policy approaches and the need for cohesive ‘bigger picture’ planning.

Mentioned in this episode:
‘Collaborative nation building: Port of Townsville case study’ by Gill Savage and Dr John Coyne:…sville-case-study

Guests (in order of appearance):
Peter Jennings:
Senator James Paterson:…arian?MPID=144138
Dr John Coyne:
Gill Savage: