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Counterterrorism Yearbook 2020 - Audio

This special episode of Policy, Guns & Money marks the publication of ASPI's Counterterrorism Yearbook for 2020. This is the fourth annual edition of the CT Yearbook and while circumstance dictates we cannot host our traditional launch at the ASPI Auditorium, we invite you to listen to this special episode and join in the conversation about this incredibly important topic.

In this episode, we hear an introduction from ASPI Executive Director, Peter Jennings, followed by a conversation between the publication’s co-author John Coyne and Executive Editor of The Strategist, Brendan Nicholson. John then speaks with contributing authors Peta Lowe, Principal Consultant at Phronesis Consulting, and ICPC’s Elise Thomas.

As the publication and podcast detail, the threat of terrorism has plateaued at an unacceptably high level, and as attention in the news cycle is focussed on COVID-19, this report shines a light on an important topic for national security that cannot must be addressed.

You can download the ASPI CT Yearbook 2020 here: