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Cost of Defence 2020, Australia's Cyber Strategy and TikTok in Europe

In this episode of Policy, Guns and Money, Michael Shoebridge and Marcus Hellyer discuss the key findings of this years The Cost of Defence report which was launched this week. Traditionally the Cost of Defence is a single volume report, but for 2020 it's being released in two parts - this first part discusses the impacts of the Strategic Update 2020.

Bart Hogeveen and Tom Uren from ICPC, the ASPI International Cyber Policy Centre, review the recently released Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2020 document and consider the implications of it's directions. (Spoiler alert - the document gets a 5.5/10 from Tom and Bart!)

ASPI Research Interns Daria Impiombato and Alex Pascoe finish this episode with their thoughts on the global rumblings around popular social media app, TikTok.