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Climate insurance, AUKUS and non-proliferation, Philippines election

The floods in South-East Queensland and New South Wales earlier this year were some of the most extreme disasters in Australian history, with the Insurance Council of Australia highlighting the event as the country’s costliest flood ever. Dr Robert Glasser speaks to Dr Annika Dean about recent analysis by the Climate Council on the links between climate change and extreme weather events and insurability risks across Australia. Baseline data for the report Uninsurable Nation: Australia's Most Climate Vulnerable Places and the Climate Risk Map was provided by Climate Valuation. All reproduction, aggregations and conclusions drawn from the data are the work of the Climate Council.

In September last year, the Australian Government announced it would enter into a trilateral security partnership with the United States and United Kingdom – AUKUS. As part of that partnership, Australia is set to acquire nuclear-powered submarines. Anastasia Kapetas is joined by John Carlson for a conversation on nuclear non-proliferation and whether the submarines can be safeguarded. 
- Look out for further work on counter-proliferation in the coming weeks as part of a developing collaboration with CSIS in Washington and the Centre for Grand Strategy at King's College London focused on the opportunities and challenges arising from AUKUS.

Following a landslide victory, Mr Ferdinand Marcos Jr has been elected as the next President of the Philippines. Dr David Engel speaks to Dr Yusuke Takagi about the geostrategic implications of President Marcos election for the Quad countries, the bilateral relationship between the US and the Philippines, and what China’s growing regional influence means for Manila.