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The Bigger Picture: Human security with Professor Mary Kaldor

In this episode of ‘The Bigger Picture’ series, Anastasia Kapetas speaks to Professor Mary Kaldor about the concept of human security and how it evolved. They consider whether the lessons being learned from recent events in Afghanistan are the right ones, what a human security approach to terrorism looks like and the need to strengthen democracies in the context of rising authoritarianism.

Mary Kaldor is a Professor of Global Governance and Director of the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit in the LSE Department of International Development.

Professor Kaldor is highly regarded for her innovative work on democratisation, conflict, and globalisation. She was a founding member of European Nuclear Disarmament (END), a founder and Co-Chair of the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly and a member of the International Independent Commission to investigate the Kosovo Crisis, established by the Swedish Prime Minister.

Professor Kaldor pioneered the concept of new wars and global civil society and her work on the practical implementation of human security has directly influenced European and national politics.