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Release of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's Strategic Assessment 2002 

These are testing times for Australia and for Australia's security policies. It is now almost two years since the Defence 2000 White Paper set out the Government's plans for Australia's strategic policy and defence forces over this decade and beyond. 

So even without the tragic events of 11 September 2001 and 12 October 2002, a review would be timely. The rise of terrorism as a threat, globally, regionally and to Australia specifically, makes a review both urgent and imperative. 

Beyond Bali, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's (ASPI) first annual strategic and security policy review, focuses in on the key issues by identifying three core challenges which we believe Australian policy must address over the coming years.

  • The first challenge is combating terrorism. We now face an unprecedented risk from terrorism, and our most urgent policy priority must be to respond effectively.
  • The second challenge is to focus Australia's wider international posture more effectively on those approaches which will do most to stop further deterioration in our security environment in the Asia-Pacific over coming years.
  • Thirdly, we need to maintain and possibly increase the momentum in developing our defence capabilities, which was launched with the Government's Defence White Paper in 2000.

This paper offers the Government and the public an independent view of Australia's security needs. The policy recommendations made are selective. They focus on those issues that we see as being most important to Australia's long-term security and those that require the most attention. 

It aims to present clear proposals for an effective response to the threat of terrorism. But its also looks beyond that urgent need, recognising that Australia has other long-term strategic interests and priorities which we must not lose sight of. 

The paper was prepared by Mr Aldo Borgu, Program Director of ASPI's Operations and Capability Program, with the assistance of ASPI's Director, Mr Hugh White, and ASPI's other Program Directors 

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Date: Thursday, 28 November 2002 
By: Australian Strategic Policy Institute