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ASPI 2024 Democracy Primer

ASPI’s 2024 Democracy Primer

On 6 February, ASPI held its first public event for the year, the sold-out ‘2024 Democracy Primer’.

Moderated by ASPI’s Council Chair Gai Brodtmann, the panel discussion featuring Professor John Dryzek, Leena Rikkilä Tamang, Chris Zappone and Dr Alex Caples explored the evolving political trends that are set to define this pivotal year.

More than 2 billion people in over 50 countries, representing nearly a third of the global population, are set to engage in elections this year. It will have geopolitical ramifications with so many countries having the chance to choose new leaders, testing the resilience of democracy and the rules-based order in countless ways.

These elections also come at a time of increasing ambition among powerful authoritarian regimes, growing use of misinformation and disinformation often linked to state-led or state-backed influence operations, rising extremism of various political stripes, and the technological disruption of artificial intelligence.

At the same time, democracies face formidable challenges with wars raging in Europe and the Middle East, increasing climate disasters, weakening economies, and the erosion of confidence in liberal societies.

Watch the panel below as they explore the issues that are set to define 2024’s election campaigns, as well as the impact the outcomes could have on alliances, geopolitics and regional security around the world.