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ASPI DC hosts dialogue on ‘Paradiplomacy, Defence and National Security: Implications for the US-Australia alliance’


On December 13th, ASPI DC hosted the day-long dialogue ‘Paradiplomacy, Defence and National Security: Implications for the US-Australia alliance’. The event was attended widely by Australian and US government officials, and academic experts on subnational engagement and US foreign policy. Participants engaged strongly in discussion and identified potential avenues for greater economic and political collaboration across the US and Australian systems. Similar actions by adversaries utilizing paradiplomacy as a tool for state craft was also discussed. The importance of Australia and the US coordinating increased engagement at state and local government levels in areas of critical importance, such as critical minerals, education and technology supply chains was highlighted.

This dialogue is part of a wider body of work being undertaken by the ASPI DC office that aims to highlight to policymakers in both the US and Australia how they can better utilise the federal system to ensure mutually beneficial economic, political and security outcomes are achieved.