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The IndigiCyber, Defence & Space Program

This program focuses on the broad strategic policy settings in Australia that affect Indigenous Australians in Cyber Security, Defence and Space.

Our program - which sits in ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre- explores the way that defence can deepen STEM education pathways, develop Indigenous businesses within the defence and space aligned sectors, support entrepreneurialism within cyber security and information technology, and promote workplace diversity initiatives in recruitment and retention.

We work to foreground the unique skills and perspectives of First Nations Australians in discussions on issues that affect them and in the formulation of solutions. We aim to champion Indigenous issues and the work of future leaders and experts.

The program analyses the strategic impact of economic, demographic and technology affecting Indigenous Australians.

Our program aims to:

  • Deepen the understanding within Australia and internationally of Indigenous Australians in Cyber, Information Technology, Defence, National Security and Space.
  • Empower Indigenous businesses, communities, and individuals to connect with branches of government, the technology sector and broader industry; deepening the scope of those connections.
  • Initiate and maintain a higher level of Indigenous policy discourse in the defence, national security and space sector.
  • Provide policy advice on emerging challenges and opportunities for Indigenous business and community engagement within the Cybersecurity, Defence, Space and Intelligence sectors.


Updated: 25 Jun 2021