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National Security Program

National security in the twenty-first century is an evolving concept, demanding an appreciation of traditional and non-traditional threats to survival.

Simply, to ability of the state to keep itself and its citizens safe and secure is becoming increasingly challenging. There is a constant need to assess and re-assess threats, whether real, perceived or future. Globalization has meant that there is a need to balance of the domestic with the foreign, as threats could be endogenous or exogenous or a combination of both.

ASPI’s national security program is aimed at understanding and explaining the many challenges that confront Australia, the Indo-Pacific region and the world. To that end, ASPI’s national security program has four main components

  1. An International program led by Ms Lisa Sharland which focuses on addressing global security issues and multilateral peace operations; engaging with stakeholders in government, the private sector, and civil society on issues relating to international peace and security; and, offering policy advice emerging challenges and opportunities for Australia to contribute to efforts to maintain international peace and security
  2. A Risk and Resilience program led by Dr. Paul Barnes. The program provides high quality research, analysis and policy advice on the distribution of risk, emergency preparedness and building resilience at they pertain to Australia, the Indo-Pacific and the world.
  3. A Border Security program led by Dr. John Coyne. The program offers an independent policy-relevant research and analysis to better inform policymakers and public understanding of border security issues which extend beyond keeping our immediate borders as such security may begin beyond our territory.
  4. A Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement program managed by Dr. Vernon White and Dr. John Coyne. The program aimed to address that evolving nature of law enforcement, as it pertains to national security, dealing with organized crime and financial malfeasance.