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Counter-terrorism Policy Centre

The Counter-Terrorism Policy Centre provides policy-focused research on violent extremism, terrorism, and politically and ideologically motivated violence and their challenges to national security. 

ASPI’s Counter-terrorism Policy Centre (CTPC) was established in 2015, to focus on counter-terrorism as an important element of Australian national security and strategic policy. Since its establishment, the CTPC has contributed to Australia’s public and policy counter-terrorism discourse. Alongside ongoing research, commentary and dialogue on the ‘classic’ counter-terrorism and CVE topics such as jihadism, the Centre focuses increasing attention also on (violent) contestations of democracy.

The CTPC advocates a forward-looking approach that views countering terrorism and extremism as enduring political, societal and challenges. The centre focuses on:

  • Analysing the impact of terrorism and political violence on the contemporary national security environment, domestically and internationally,
  • Assessing emergent extremist threats and challenges, and,
  • Providing practical counter-terrorism policy analysis and offering practical policy alternatives.