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Better Policy Workshops

Better Policy Workshops are designed to enhance participants' critical thinking, knowledge and practical skills for policy development. These programs have been successfully delivered to government clients, from graduate level to Senior Executive Service (and military equivalents), for five years. They equip participants with tools to better inform decision-making and improve their understanding of the Australian system of policymaking.

Better Policy Workshops are delivered by a core team of experienced practitioners, supplemented by experts from across ASPI and the Australian national and international security community. Facilitators and presenters include current and retired senior political, government and uniformed personnel, leading industry experts, and the best academics from across Australia and internationally.

To supplement the program, ASPI-PD has authored the Better Policy for Improved Decision-Making Handbook, which is now in its sixth edition, along with reality-based scenarios, case studies, simulations, and desk top exercises. These tools actively engage participants and bring context and meaning to the learning objectives, ensuring relevance for current and future roles.

The Better Policy Workshops are highly flexible and can be designed to meet the needs of your team or organisation.

Please contact ASPI Professional Development to discuss how we can help you.

Updated: 27 Aug 2019