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Our people

Some of the country's foremost strategic thinkers and expert analysts work with ASPI. We are also fortunate to have the services of our Fellows who bring very extensive experience to our ranks. 


Justin Bassi

Executive Director

Dr Alexandra Caples

Director - International Cyber Policy Centre

Bec Shrimpton

Director - Defence Strategy and National Security

Danielle Cave

Director - Executive, Strategy & Research

Mike Norris

Director - Professional Development Centre

Dr John Coyne

Head of Northern Australia Strategic Policy Centre | Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement

Dr Alex Bristow

Deputy Director – Strategic Policy

Dr Jacob Wallis

Head of Program, Information Operations and Disinformation

Raelene Lockhorst

Deputy Director - Professional Development Centre

Jennifer Parker

Deputy Director - Defence

Dr Robert Glasser

Head of Climate and Security Policy Centre

Chris Taylor

Head of Statecraft & Intelligence Program

Vahri Fotheringham

Head of Delivery for the International Cyber Policy Centre

Brendan Nicholson

Executive Editor: The Strategist

Jocelinn Kang

Program Manager / Technical Specialist. ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre

Bart Hogeveen

Head of Cyber Capacity Building - International Cyber Policy Centre

Michael Copage

Project Manager - Climate & Security Policy Centre

David (Doc) Millar

Professional Development Program Delivery

Grant Ferguson

Professional Development - Program Development Centre