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Mixing Desk JUN2021

PGM: US-China competition, countering online extremism, Russia’s Middle East ties

Fergus Hunter speaks with Bonnie Glaser Managing Director of GMF Indo-Pacific at the German Marshall Fund, about the state of China and its relationships with the United States and the West. They look at the ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party, how nation states are responding to this, and the current state of Cross-Strait relations.

Access to violent right-wing extremist online subcultures is easier than ever. Katja Theodorakis speaks to Miro Dittrich about the need to take digital public spheres more seriously, not only as spaces for radicalisation and the spread of disinformation, but also as places where these phenomena can be actively countered. Miro explains what authorities, society and social media platforms can do to prevent and push back against extremist attempts to dominate digital realities.

Dr Alex Bristow is joined by Dr Anna Borshchevskaya, senior fellow in The Washington Institute's Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation Program on Great Power Competition and the Middle East, for a discussion on Russia’s policy toward the Middle East. They explore the significance of Russia’s relationships in the region, the impacts of Russia’s war on Ukraine, and how the Russia-China relationship is developing.
Guests (in order of appearance):
Fergus Hunter:
Bonnie S. Glaser:
Katja Theodorakis:
Miro Dittrich:
Dr Alex Bristow:
Dr Anna Borshchevskaya:…shchevskaya

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