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Mixing Desk JUN2021

PGM: Ross Babbage on deterrence and defence strategy; jailed terrorists and the risk of reoffending

As we fast approach ASPI’s 2023 conference on deterrence and disruption, this week’s podcast begins with a conversation between conference speakers Bec Shrimpton and Dr Ross Babbage about military, political and economic strategy. They discuss Dr Babbage’s new book ‘The Next Major War: Can the US and its Allies Win Against China?’ and the importance of net assessment to allied deterrence and defence strategy.

Shifting to a more domestic focus, Dr John Coyne speaks to countering violent extremism expert Peta Lowe about terrorist prisoners and the controversial tools used to assess their risk of reoffending. They discuss how this risk assessment compares with other crimes such as child exploitation and extremely violent offences.

Mentioned in this episode:
‘The Next Major War: Can the US and its Allies Win Against China?
ASPI 2023 Conference: Disruption and Deterrence

Guests (in order of appearance):
Bec Shrimpton
Dr Ross Babbage
Dr John Coyne
Peta Lowe

Music: "Righteous" by Ketsa, licensed with permission from the Independent Music Licensing Collective -