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Key positions announced at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

Peter Jennings, currently the Deputy Secretary for Strategy with the Department of Defence, has been selected to be the new Executive Director of ASPI following the retirement in April of the incumbent, Major General Peter Abigail (Retd).

ASPI is one of Australia’s leading public policy think-tanks. It is an independent, non-partisan policy institute established by the government to provide fresh ideas on Australia's defence and strategic policy choices.

“Peter was selected for the Executive Director’s position after an extensive global search process,” said Mr Stephen Loosley, Chairman of the ASPI Council. “The Government has now confirmed the appointment.”

“I am pleased to welcome Peter to this position,” Mr Loosley said. “He is a very experienced strategist having worked at the highest levels of Defence and Government over many years.”

“I know that he will bring high quality leadership and analytical skills to ASPI, and further build on the solid reputation of the Institute.”

“I also want to thank Peter Abigail, who is the outgoing ASPI Executive Director,” Mr Loosley said. “Peter Abigail has served ASPI with distinction over the last seven years. He has steered the Institute through a period of significant change and growth, including successfully renegotiating ASPI’s financial agreement with the Department of Defence. Under Peter’s leadership ASPI has cemented its leading role in defence and strategic policy thinking in Australia and been recognised as one of the world’s leading security and international affairs think tanks,” Mr Loosley said.

The Government has also extended Stephen Loosley’s term as Chairman of the ASPI Council.

“I am pleased to serve in this capacity,” Mr Loosley said. “At a time of international change Australia faces a growing range of strategic challenges. ASPI can play an important role in improving the quality of Australia’s strategic policy thinking.”

“I am looking forward to working with Peter Jennings on continuing to strengthen ASPI’s influence and putting forward new strategic thinking for Australia,” Mr Loosley said.


Note: Peter Jennings bio is available here. Peter Jennings will not be available for interview until he leaves the Defence Department and starts at ASPI in late April. We will advise the media on his availability. Mr Loosley is available for interview at the following number: 02 6270 5110

You can also read the press release from the Minister for Defence here.